In a future where curiosity has been outlawed, Ross Bridell, a language genius working at one of the last private detective agencies, thinks he and the ghost of his ex-boyfriend can still work things out. But there's more than one ghost stuck inside Ross's head, and as half a dozen voices fight for control, Ross finds himself being drawn toward an impossible apocalypse in the making. Teaming up with Neal Pendleton, a young man diagnosed with excessive inquisitiveness disorder, Ross sets out to pry the truth behind what's happening to him from a city that doesn't like questions. The old world is already gone. Which world will die next?

A companion to the popular Broken Lightning: Legend of the Qi Symbol, Godfall Golden explores abnormal psychology, social expectations, and love in the time of net stalking.


In the last days of the world, the energies of man and nature mingle, giving birth to Linkers - people with the power to control the elements. Kurt Ciardi, an electrician and first among the chosen, is determined to use his command over lightning to stop the apocalypse. Eric Jaeder, a college student with the ability to reshape empty space, sees the coming destruction as an opportunity to start fresh. The fate of all that exists rests on who will trace the world's decay to its source, following clues left by ancient tribes to the shores of a lost island kingdom. But will the truth save humanity, or condemn it?

"For serious students of East Asia like myself, there are some nuggets of wisdom in Broken Lighting that are quite thought-provoking." - Timothy C., via Amazon

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Mark Daley's hometown is full of secrets, and he's one of them! These are the adventures of a former teenage crimefighter in a world controlled by chaos.

Young adult / new adult fiction series; recommended for ages 17 and up.

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Jonathan V. Cann was born in Manhattan, raised in suburban New Jersey, and educated in upstate New York. He holds a degree in Asian Studies from Bard College, and has worked on novels, memoirs, video games, and comics. He lives in Queens.

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