I’ve been a writer since I was eight years old. Over the decades since then, I’ve filled file cabinets with long and short stories, comic books, plans for video games and TV series, memoirs, and other things I don’t even know how to categorize. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to list everything I’ve ever worked on, so I’ve adopted one simple rule for building my official canon: if it ever got a release, even a partial one or a direct distribution to just a handful of people, it gets mentioned here.

Click through on any title, universe, or series name for a description and more information. Titles that appear in blue are available from major realtors. Titles that appear in green are currently not in active print / available publicly, but may still be obtainable through this website by following the instructions on that title’s page.


Broken Lightning: Legend of the Qi Symbol

Broken Lightning: The Curse of Godfall Golden


The Case of the Crooked Candles


Night Driver, Daydreamer


Where You Haven’t Been

The Trio of Triumph