Whys and Becauses (Children of Woodvale #4)

A DRAMATIC SYMPHONY IN THREE ACTS. Act one: in a town where being a crimefighter is a rite of passage, why would Mark Daley be ashamed that he put a would-be murderer behind bars? Act two: can Lyle Banister find redemption in a plot to wreck the junior prom? Act three: who is Silver, and what truth is hidden under the cloud of lies that surrounds him?

Tensions are mounting; summer is coming. When the last bell rings, the Church of Chaos will descend and wash the valley in anarchy. The lost souls of Woodvale High are not ready.

The first two stories in this book (episodes seven and eight of School Kids SG overall) were posted on Tumblr one chapter at a time as I continued the serialization experiment I’d started on my original blog. I’d hoped the built-in social features of Tumblr would do a better job of spreading the stories to a wider audience, but after months of little to no engagement, I shut the experiment down without posting episode nine. Technically, W&B never saw a formal release, yet as the last volume of School Kids SG to be designed separately before I pulled everything back to merge into the giant Children of Woodvale project, it’s out-of-date even without one. Still, I’m pleased with how the book came together: the cover has some of my favorite cartoon art from this era of my work, and I’m pretty proud of the “symphony” gimmick that carries all the way through the chapter and story structure.

If you’d like to get a copy of Whys and Becauses (currently the only way to take a look at episode nine before I finish the super-book), use the Contact Me form and I’ll email you a direct-purchase link.