Night Driver, Daydreamer

These are memoirs from my student days at Bard College. Especially in 2006 and 2007, when I was working a phone-answering job that didn’t even allow me to read news on the Internet when things were slow, I put my photographic memory to use scribbling college anecdotes on tiny scraps of paper hidden under my keyboard. Later on, when I started typing those up, I added annotated blog posts, class assignments, and chat logs to create a fuller picture. There’s even an associated music anthology, i.e., a chronological archive of mix CDs that I still carry around on my iPod as a playlist, and which I’ve partially written up and explained in the memoir itself. Someday, I imagine bringing everything together into four printed volumes (one for each year), but despite the fact that hundreds of pages already exist, (1) the project doesn’t feel anywhere near done, and (2) I haven’t changed any of the names of the people I’m writing about, so there’d be some consent issues with a general release. However, I’ve been known distribute specific chapters to students I’ve mentored when I think they have some use as teaching tools, so NDDD still gets a listing in the CANNon.

If you’re interested in reading some or all of Night Driver, Daydreamer as it exists now (particularly if you’re one of my Bard contemporaries), use the Contact Me form and I’ll…think about it. Some of it is pretty embarrassing.