This site’s purpose is to list everything I’ve created in one place for easy access and sharing. After growing increasingly burned out and frustrated trying to be a more commercial bookseller/advertiser, I decided to go back to basics and focus on the work itself, and my pride in it. This has the added benefits of reducing my dependence on some questionable companies and allowing me to keep anything I want available even when it makes no sense in capitalist terms (e.g., multiple versions of older things, things that I wanted to take formally out of print but didn’t want to feel like I was erasing entirely). Within a few weeks of making the decision to proceed this way, I published three new books and made or furthered plans for two to three more, so I must be doing something right!

In general, as I say in my bio, I write for small and very specific audiences–sometimes just one or two people. This means I most enjoy talking about my writing one-on-one with people who are interested, and I’m going to attempt to carry that into the site with plain language that doesn’t try to persuade anyone to do anything. I was never great at ad copy anyway.

Once I’ve given a book or other project to the one(s) I made it for, I usually like to release it into the wild and see if anyone else likes it. Sometimes, I’m surprised who picks it up. I created the Hushed Forest Entertainment imprint to serve as a professional-looking banner that unifies everything I make. I’ve also toyed with the idea of publishing someone else’s work under HFE someday.

If you have any questions for me, or if you want to order something I’ve made that’s not actively for sale through official channels, use the Contact Me form.