Broken Lightning: The Curse of Godfall Golden

In a future where curiosity has been outlawed, Ross Bridell, a language genius working at one of the last private detective agencies, thinks he and the ghost of his ex-boyfriend can still work things out. But there’s more than one ghost stuck inside Ross’s head, and as half a dozen voices fight for control, Ross finds himself being drawn toward an impossible apocalypse in the making. Teaming up with Neal Pendleton, a young man diagnosed with excessive inquisitiveness disorder, Ross sets out to pry the truth behind what’s happening to him from a city that doesn’t like questions.

The old world is already gone. Which world will die next?

You can buy this book on Amazon. The Broken Lightning books can be read in any order, but chronologically, this is the second. As of right now, I consider it some of my best work. It’s also the second book to feature a cover by Christopher Curry John O’Connell; this one is a photo of a Riktali phrase he painted on a piece of glass, which he then shattered.