Blood and Brotherhood (Children of Woodvale #2)

Buried fears and dark personal truths haunt the SG Crew as they collide with the most powerful force in the New York underworld. Equal parts gang and renegade church, the Incisors have killed or converted all who stood in their way, and now they have their sights set on the Prattcorn Valley.

Only former teenage crimefighter Mark Daley can guide his friends through this crisis, but the chaos may be inside him, too…and there’s no telling what will happen when that energy breaks free.

Still probably my favorite of the original School Kids SG volumes, though my perception of the Incisors has evolved over the years (this book was first published in 2008). The two stories this volume collects have received a few edits over the years, but nothing so comprehensive that it would trigger a true second edition, and the cover remains intact from the first printing (though there were many, many drafts before I got to the final art).

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