The Arc of Time (Children of Woodvale #3)

The teen angst hits the fan as Mark Daley slides to the brink of a nervous breakdown, pushed along by the troubled Tre Carmack. Weighed down by his vigilante past and feeling responsible for the awkwardness of his friends, Mark struggles to escape the idea that he may be the cause of all his own problems.

But with a Third Great Hallway War brewing in the wings, Mark can’t run from his troubles forever. The time has come to decide who he wants to believe–but the wrong choice could doom Woodvale High and fracture the SG Crew forever.

The third volume of School Kids SG received the least post-release editing of anything in the series, but it had the longest production cycle (at least until I started volume four) as I struggled to keep my plan for an “inverted Donovan’s Gauntlet” from turning into a “retread of Donovan’s Gauntlet”. I was working with a narrow but meaningful difference in Mark’s emotions vs. the first volume, and I’m proud of what I eventually accomplished here. The most notable change I made to The Arc of Time when I started publishing under the Hushed Forest Entertainment umbrella in 2013/2014 was make the text on the cover and spine easier to read from a distance.

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