The Trio of Triumph

Comic collaboration with Christopher J. Unger

I wrestled with whether or not to even mention this here, let alone elevate it to being part of the official record, but it’s been known and (technically) online for decades, so…The Trio of Triumph is a comic strip my grade-school friend Chris and I started IN grade school (third grade, to be exact) and continued off and on until we were in our twenties, purposely never evolving the art style. The title comes from a Yogi Bear cartoon only Chris ever saw and that neither of us has ever been able to conclusively prove he didn’t just dream. It’s mostly in-jokes that we find hilarious but almost no one else will even understand (who can forget our triumphant lampooning of Mary Worth, or the way QuickTime would always crash in walking simulator games for Windows 98?). If you really want to see it, it’s somehow still available on a free comic-hosting website we got ourselves in high school. (Chris has one up on me because he remembers the login information and could maybe fix the broken image in the header, but honestly, neither of us feels like it.)