The Fascination Diary of Alan Saend

Alan has a secret: he loves shiny things. It’s a secret because he doesn’t know how to explain it to anyone else. Who could understand? He’d just end up embarrassed, right? So, Alan keeps his stash of gloves, bags, pool toys, and glossy magazines as his own private joy…at least until he finds a shiny object who’s also a person.

You can buy print and Kindle versions of this book on Amazon, and you can also buy print copies on Lulu if you’d rather not go through Amazon. This story came to me in a rapid-fire vision while I was on vacation in Vermont. At the time of its publication, it was so different from anything else I’d ever written that it made me want to travel more and see what other stories I might find by spending time in new places. In the actual days of writing, I mostly just sat back and let Alan talk from my head to the page, and in doing so, I got to know a quietly bold queer kid who I’m absolutely rooting for.